Maxwell Foley is an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis pursuing a double major in studio art and computer science.
Contact:, (614) 378-1741

EEG visualization art piece

Created an interactive art installation conceptualized and built in 48 hours for St. Louis's Art Hack Day: Eclipse event. The installation used a NeuroSky MindWave Mobile EEG-reading headset, which was connected to my laptop via bluetooth, which ran this code and then used a projector to display an image on the wall. The idea was for the art piece to serve as a sort of impressionistic visualizer of one's mental activity, specifically how calm and/or focused the person using the headset was.

The project used node.js to communicate to the headset, and three.js to render the visuals in the browser.

A demo version where the user can use GUI sliders to simulate the EEG output is here, and the full code of the project is available on GitHub.

Parametrically rendered raymarching scenes

Working on various rendered scenes built entirely in code using volumetric raymarching rendering technique via GLSL shader language, hosted on

  • Bubbles and clouds
  • Chessboard scene
  • Quiz app

    Flashcard quiz app using the MEAN stack. Users can create sets of flashcards, upload images, edit and delete flashcards, and then quiz themselves. Heroku was used to deploy the app and Bootstrap was used for CSS. Filepicker.js was used for file uploading.


    Online calendar tool. Users can register and log into an account, and then add events to their personalized calendar. Users can make events public so that every calendar user can see the event. Users can also share events with other users, or send friend requests so that all of their events are automatically shared. The front end was built in Javascript and PHP with a functioning back end in SQL.

    Generative art

    Several interactive visuals initially built in Processing then ported into P5.js for online compatibility. Try clicking and moving the mouse around to see what happens. Warning: might be too intense for slower computers.

    Twitter bots

    @pseudo_frac is a a twitter bot that will generate an image from the "pseudo-fractals" algorithm above and post it to Twitter once every 24 hours. Written in node.js and p5.js and deployed on Amazon EC2. I'm probably going to make a few more of these soon.

    Artists Timeline

    This was built for a project for an art class in which we were required to create a geneology of artists of the past five hundred years and find a way to visually integrate it with contemporary historical events. I developed a simple interactive page in JavaScript in which three sections of the website scroll simultaneously - a gallery of paintings, a timeline of historical events, and a horizontal timeline at the top simply for visual integration purposes. One can then click on a historic event to find the corresponding artist, or click on a handful of selected influences underneath each artist to jump to that point in the timeline.

    The website you are currently reading was designed and coded by myself from scratch in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    More coming soon, I'm currently working on tweaking the projects I have done to a more professional standard for portfolio purposes.

    Maxwell S. Foley

    2595 Bryden Rd. | Bexley, OH 43209 | (614) 378-1741


    • Attended the Columbus Academy from fall of 1999 to spring of 2012.
      • Was the co-founder and Chief Justice of the political club
      • Honorable Mention in the Scholastic Art and Writing awards
      • Achieved a score of 5 on eight separate Advanced Placement tests
    • Currently am finishing my degree at Washington University in St. Louis
      • Completed a double major in studio art and computer science
      • Active in KWUR student radio and the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity
    • Worked as an intern at the Department of Biomedical Informatics at the Ohio State University College of Medicine in summer of 2014
      • Developed Java applet for analyzing miRNA data in cancer patients in order to determine which genes are linked with incidents of melanoma
      • Designed web-based portal for nurses to relay information to elderly patients
    • Worked as a teaching assistant at St. Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Center in the summer of 2015
    • Worked on a two-man team to develop an educational video game about the carbon cycle in Adobe Flash
      • The product was developed under a grant from the National Science Foundation and terrestrial ecologist Ann Elizabeth Russell of Iowa State University.
    • Was a Software Development intern at Less Annoying CRM in the Summer of 2017, doing front-end web development in React


    • Coding (Java, Javascript, C++, Perl, Python, and others)
    • Web design and development (HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, Angular, React)
    • Graphics (Shader programming, OpenGL)
    • Game development (Unity)
    • Graphic design and digital art: (Photoshop, inDesign, Illustrator, Processing)
    • 3D modeling (Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, ZBrush)
    • Audio recording and production (Abelton Live, Reason)
    • Drawing, painting, working with wood and metal
    • Writing